Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffee with Friends

Trying to stay connected as our family moves around is presenting itself as an ever increasing challenge. Even though I grew up moving a lot, I do not gel with an ebb and flow schedule as easily as I did when in grade school.

Back then I could make new friends and not be concerned with staying connected with old friends. Either I knew they were gone forever (or rather, until Facebook would come along) or my Mom would stay connected. As each new place brought new friends, I would insert myself in the middle of a circle of friendship and all would be well with the world.

Fast forward to now. I have spent so much time rearranging my thoughts, schedules, priorities, boxes, pictures, studies, memberships, etc. that I have lost the ability to stay connected (if I ever was able to in the first place) the way that I would like to. I make new friends, but also cherish my friends of "old".

My intention with connection is to be able to have cards in the mail on time for birthdays and anniversaries, make or buy gifts on time and get them in the mail on time, call frequently, laugh often, and drink lots of coffee with a smiling face across the table, rather than my kindle screen on the table! I want to be able to show up with chicken noodle soup when family or friends are sick, to know what is going on while it is going on so I can pray (before the fan is brown), and to enjoy the ups and downs alongside my friends rather than on their coat tails.

So, as I search for the solution to this problem, I am praying that the Lord will show me what priorities are in the wrong place, what time I am wasting, what I am missing, and what my motivation is for achieving this desired state of friendship. With all that, I do know that I have such an enormous blessing in the friends and family that God has placed in my life!

We have all been given such a unique arena for living. We have access to so much with very little effort. I want to do more with what I have, to make a bigger impact and greater connection within this age of abundance. I am greatly convicted by this. I take too much for granted, and will start to have eyes open to purposing each day to serve Him, by His great mercy and grace.

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25