Monday, October 4, 2010

Conviction...How Sweet It Is...

The following is a post that is from the blog of Dr. Jay Adams.

June 1, 2009 by Jay Adams

Not too long ago there was a psychological theory called “ventilation.” I’m not sure whether or not it has died out everywhere yet. But theory or no theory, it’s still seems to be a popular idea—if you’ve got something churning inside, you’d better get it out, for you own good.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Well, several things. I think I’ll just mention two.

First, the self-centeredness of it is apparent. Who cares what happens to the other guy when I take out my ire on him—I’m the one who counts!

“Well, I can see that. What’s the second thing?”

Let me read you what God says about the issue in Proverbs 29:11:

A stubborn fool fully ventilates his anger,
but the wise, holding it back, quiets it.

“Wow! Didn’t know God had spoken about the matter!”

Quite explicitly. Who wants to make a fool of himself? And it doesn’t hurt you to “hold it back” as the Freudians thought, either. In fact the more you work yourself up into a lather that finally spills out, the worse things get—not the better. No only for you—but for everyone around you.

And first thing you know, you have to go around seeking forgiveness. To vent your anger is foolish in every way you can imagine. For sure, ventilation isn’t an option for the believer. Something to think about, eh?



Anonymous said...

what do you think about just writing things down and just getting it out of your head before God? I heard once you can tattle to God i found it funny but actually i tried it and it was a nice feeling to just get it out and forgive outloud the people who i felt wronged by.

TheTinkLady said...

Danielle: I think that there is a lot to be said for letting things out that well up inside, and doing it to God is safe. He knows our inner being, and is the only one who can grant us the peace we need. Although, I do also see that there is a lot in the world that points to self fulfillment, even with the best intentions. If I feel someone has wronged me, God teaches me in His word that I need to forgive them (which in and of itself is a super hard choice to make!) as He forgave me. (Matthew 6:14,15) He also calls us to let vengeance be His. (Romans 12:19) So, in the case of venting I am more of a sinner! Thanks for your comment...very thought provoking!