Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friends... Together

So, my dear friend Tammy is here...seriously here...sitting on my left. We're sipping coffee. We're talking, maybe a tear or two is shared. We went to church, had lunch, went to feels good. It feels like home. It is good.
I am so blessed, so here is the compilation of us, to share with the blog world...TINK

We traveled 12 hours yesterday to get here, to visit these dear friends we call and consider family. I would have traveled 24, whatever it would take. I am currently in a season of life which God has placed me in, a season of is a place I accept. But, in the midst of this lonely season, being here, with these friends who have walked with us (sharing births of children, speaking truth in love, walking every step of life together, the good and the bad, REALLY knowing each other), sharing life like we once used to, is like a stream in the desert, refreshing, soul quenching. I am beyond blessed and so thankful. It is my prayer that the Lord would help me to relish every moment that is shared, to capture the joy of this time He has allowed us to be together....TAMMY

Yay...this is rad. Not that we could pen a letter and read it, relish it, till the next one came (which is usually every 6 months on my record)...but that we can sit and write together. That we not only share joy in our friendship, but that we are sharing life...sharing the as our children play, our husbands laugh, and our table is set...together. We cherish the moments, record them, recall them, and the list continues. What the Lord has begun, He is continuing in both of our lives...and what a blessing it is to see Him work the miracles in my life, and in yours, Tammy. Thanks be to Him who gives us richness and fullness of joy!...TINK

I first met Tink when she was with child. She was a new bride, and preparing to be a new mommy. I had just moved to AZ, had twin boys that were 4, and an infant daughter. We had been there 6 long months, and I had no one. God intersected our paths and after knowing each other only a few short months, I was at the hospital sharing in the birth of her daughter. This was only the beginning...there is a part of the story many don't know, and that I don't particularly like to recall, but it's a crucial part of the story. There was a time period of about two years we did not speak, Tink and I, not for a lack of trying on her part, but on account of my hardened heart, and for growth God needed to do in each of our lives. I, after moving to another state and being completely lonely, I called her, praying she would receive it. She did, and she forgave, and she didn't even want the explanation as to why or what. And we picked up where we left off, and now, three years later, here we are. I don't know what God has in store for either of us, but, we will keep sharing life, keep speaking into each others lives, keep loving, as God has knitted our hearts together, intertwined our lives. Thank you Lord for this gift of true friendship...TAMMY

AMEN! There has been a lot...a heaping and over-flowing portion of life we have shared, laughed over, cried over, scrap-booked about, written about...and as I am sitting here with a friend, I praise God for His goodness, His GRACE, His mercy, His patience, His love, His discipline. For in Him we are made whole...TINK

Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1