Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Teaser

The music was over and Reverend Graham took the stage. He was old, confident, and purposeful in sharing the hope of salvation in Christ. He quoted famous person after famous person, speaking of the vast abyss that takes over the heart of someone who seeks a self indulgent life. I listened as he outlined the simple faith of a believer. Then he called. Not the Reverend, but Christ. I felt my heart break into a million fragments, and then I felt the warmth of His love. The love that I had heard about suddenly became so overwhelming and I thought “How can I deny the truth?” I was created by a perfect God, I was a sinner, I was lost, and the light of His forgiveness through Christ was beckoning me to live in His grace. I was free.

I sat there, silently lapping up the action around me. My eyes danced around the stadium, my lips parted slightly as a smile crept upon my mouth, my breath came in crashing waves and my body started to tremble with fear. Anger and rage flushed out my toes while calm elation washed over my head. I felt as though I would explode from the conflict of emotion in my core. Not wanting the strangers around me to see me moving, I tried to stop my legs from stretching my body upward, out of my seat, but I did so to no avail. Then it all became clear.

This is it. This is what I’ve heard about, this is God. Involuntarily I rushed down the aisle to the stadium floor through throngs of people, lost and found alike…where do I go? What do I do? I continue to search with my eyes as my heart clings to the words I just heard, the truth I just caught a glimpse of. My smile has grown as is now streaked with tears. Finding no arms to hold me I stop and stand alone in the crowd. Sobs of fear become an earthquake of suffering released. My body shakes, my eyes stream, my hands cover my face trying to hide the glow that I fear would bring too much attention. I relent and let all my inhibitions fall to my feet as the shuddering continues. Fear gives way to a flood of silent contentment in my mind; adoration starts to flow from my chest, as if my heart had exploded from being filled to capacity with hope. Hope I had never known until now. The waves of breath fill my body with assurance, and my confidence in this moment grows stronger.

I became more sure of it with every breath, every tear, every blink. The scales had fallen from my eyes and I saw the depth of His love for me. In that moment I met God.


nonni1957 said...

Wow. That was powerful. I had no idea.

la femme elisabeth said...

beautiful. i could feel the emotions right there with ya, Tink. Love you.