Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kid Story Time

It was bedtime for our two pumpkins, and lately we've been trying out the "get yourself ready for bed" routine, complete with cuddle time before, go get 'set' for bed, give a round of hugs and kisses, then lights out, music on, nightie night. It's been legitimately working for the most part, as long as Mom and Dad give enough attention to the squirming questions before the commencement of said routine.

Apparently something was out of whack this particular night, and the first sign of disturbance was our daughter's gentle whimper. It soon turned into a full blown temper tantrum lacking words, truth or sense of reality. Angry growls overflowed from our precious princess' mouth. A fountain of muddy noise.

As my husband and I looked at each other we knew we needed to address the issue (which we could only assume was displeasure with having to go to bed), but we didn't know how to exactly handle it. We teamed up and stormed the gates! Upon arrival in the shared room were one little five year old boy grimacing between the thoughts 'Am I in trouble?' and 'That was hilarious!', and a seven year old girl with her toddler tantrum face on, tear streaked and all.

We had our answer without any questions: Boy pesters girl, girl gets angry, boy laughs, girl gets more angry...and it had continued. Now, as the awesome parents we are, we gently questioned both parties, weeding through the muck of pointed fingers, tired whining, and hurt feelings. Both parties were found guilty, disciplined, can only guess.

Did they stay angry? Did they keep teasing? Praise the Lord they did not! After seeing the hurt and anger of each other, and the tears that fell from one another's eyes, they both wept more. Little man crumpled into a pile of sorrow, tearfully apologizing to his big sister, crying more than he did after his discipline! And big sister...oh, this is good...and big sister saw the tears that fell on little brother's face, and reached out to wipe them with her tissue! Adding to it, 'I'm sorry's' and 'I love you's'! The moment rocked!

With all the junk I do wrong...."Love covers a multitude of sins." And my kids even know that! My husband and I looked at each other and smiled a 'Good job, babe' smile, along with a 'Isn't that rad!' look. Tell you what, I wouldn't trade that moment for a million trips to Disneyworld! Amen? Amen!

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just when I thought I was done for it....I found three minutes at work.
Here I am with three minutes to spare, and so I choose to write and eat at the same time. Oh how good it is to have some time. Well, that's how I choose to see it at least.
I have a job, an edearing husband, two rad kids, a sister who likes to kick it with me, a bed to sleep in, food for my belly, and a Father in heaven who directs my steps every day. I also have this handy computer on which to blog and communicate! Oh how the day is beautiful!
So, that's my three minutes to share, and to glorify the Lord and his blessings. More soon, I hope!