Monday, June 30, 2008

the beginning

And when I said I wanted to blog....I did it! Yeah for me, as tonight I embark on a journey of sharing my life in black and white (and the nice orange color of my background). How simple this is to type a few thoughts, yet so daunting to compile them in such a way that captures the essence of "me"! How can you, as you sit and read my blog blob, truly see the expression of character...unless I achieve that which all bloggers dream (at least I'm guessing that all who write desire this): touching your soul! Well, maybe just to get you to smile is enough for me...but even that can be daunting to many of us humans! Really, I do hope that as you read on and the days go by, you are encouraged, humbled, uplifted, and filled to the brim with joy. I am a believer in Christ Jesus, and as such, I long for nothing more than His love to touch you through the words I am inspired to write for you. May that be apparent every day...and may you live to know Him more through this blog than me. For I am a grain of sand (in Hawaii if I got to choose) in the vastness of creation....deep huh? Well, beautifuls....until the next successful entry....Live in His Grace!